This Application contains some opinions based on Islamic Sharia point of view , for His Eminence, Sheikh /Dr. Muhammad Bin Saud Alosaimi, the General Supervisor of Almaqased Economic Advisory Center, and is not intended for any commercial purposes , and is not an announcement of securities or an invitation to practice any activity in securities, and is issued only as acquittal according to sharia. It is also intended to assist in knowing the financial and economic terminologies from a legal perspective, and to assist those who decided to practice the security business , in recognizing the stocks that are not permitted to be owned , and when acquiring the permitted stocks, , to be keen to purify his holdings of those stocks.


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About MEA

This app keen to guide investors in Saudi Stocks market According to Sharia’h compatibility. Recognizing the pure (halal) listed companies to invest in and calculate cleansing amount. This app Supervised by Dr. Muhammad S. Alosaimi developed by Almaqased Center.